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Just some new thoughts

I haven’t put anything on here for awhile, but i do have some new thoughts about recent events. Everyone surely remembers 911, you know a bunch of cowards taking over some airplanes and flying them into buildings.  I call these people cowards, because they killed nearly 3,000 defenseless people.  That’s pretty easy.  recently this group of cowards sent some people to Paris and killed  130 more defenseless people.

They say they do this kind of cowardly stuff in the name of jihad for allah.  We have a group of politicians that refuse to say these cowards are radical islamic terrorists.  Why?  Isn’t jihad an islamic term.  Isn’t allah their god.  Apparently these politicians  can’t hear hear what they (the cowards) are saying.  I don’t believe any God tells people to go kill innocent people.

Yes, they are cowards, they kill defenseless people, just because they don’t believe  in the same god (allah) that they believe in.  That is the phoniest excuse i have every heard of.  I believe the only reason they do this is they just like to kill to try and make a name for themselves.  They aren’t fighting for any god.  They don’t have the courage to go face to face with people that can defend themselves, and capable of fighting back.  Do they even have a valid reason for fighting anyone in the first place?  I don’t think so.   Yes, they are cowards, brave soldiers only in their own perverted minds.

This probably don’t make sense to a lot of people, but it’s just he thoughts in my ageing brain.



Some thoughts about neighbors

I have made a few remarks on here about love and friendship.  But two days ago, even in my old age a learned a whole lot more about it, especially friendship.  I have lived in this town over 30 years, and at my current residence foe over 20 years.  A few of my neighbors have been here longer than i have, but a lot of others have come and gone over the years.

I had a huge pine tree, of some kind, that has been growing for roughly 50 years, about eight feet from one corner of my house.  Friday night about 5  pm a very dear friend, stopped to visit.  About the time of her arrival, a server thunderstorm approached.  We went out on my porch to watch the storm.  Some really close lighting strikes hit and She walked out in my back yard to see where they may have hit.  At that time we got another strike, that She saw strike my big tree in the front yard, it immediately caught fire.  a couple of neighbors saw it too.   They all jumped into action, some of which I barely know, risking their own safety, with garden hoses, managed to keep my house watered down, until the Fire Department arrived.  Having been a Fireman for 20 years myself, before moving here, I was out there too.   The fire department, found it necessary to cut down the burnt tree down as it was still burning at the top, as they should have, it was still a hazard.      The firemen not only cut it down, but also delimbed it and cut it into chunks.  The next morning i awoke to find about 10 or 12 neighbors in my yard cleaning up the mess.   They had it nearly done by time i got outside.  One even made coffee, and brought doughnuts.

If their actions isn’t friendship, i don’t know what is.  No one asked them for help, they just jumped in and did what had to be done.   I could never come close to repaying them for their help, which without the help, i’m sure i would be living in a motel somewhere, and without my home.   Neighbors helping neighbors is alive and well in this town.

some thoughts about that silly poem

I’m just laying in bed thinking about a recent event in my old life.  That poem i “found” about unrequited love came to mind.  I think that the majority of people experience it at one or more points in their life.   You often hear of people, men and women, going off the deep end because of it, and do really stupid things, violent stuff and even suicide.  Those drastic measures seem to happen to young folks, late teens, 20’s.  I was in that age group once and such things seem to be the end of the world at the time.  I realize now those thoughts are the result of an undeveloped mind.  Young folks don’t realize their life is just starting, unaware of the opportunities and possibilities ahead of them.  That’s the real tragity.   Once in your thirties, you begin to realize what life is all about, and many have settled into some type of relationship.  The 40’s age group are usually, settled in a career and life settles a bit, but not for all.  unfortunate deaths occur, relationships sour and people find themselves alone for one reason or another.  There is an old fifties era song, the name of it is “young Love” i believe, that song has a line that says, “they say for every boy and girl, there is just one love in this whole word, and I’ve found mine”.  I don’t believe that.  It’s very possible to love more than just one person in life, hopefully not at the same time, that can be real problems. People in their forties and fifties, finding themselves alone still have a good chance of finding that other special person, many times that person is unavailable for one reason or another, or that other person just plain isn’t interested, thus – unrequited love.   this age group isn’t lost, although they feel that way at the time, life goes on and more opportunities arise, usually when least expected.   But now come he sixties and seventies,  a huge number of people end up alone in this age group, and the possibilities become less and less.  On rare occasions a special person does come along, but the chance of unrequited love is greater than ever, that special person is “attached” or unavailable in one way or another.   Age difference plays a large part in this scenario, as does physical and financial problems.  Time is beginning to run short for this group.  not much opportunity left, even though they have a lot of love left to give, there is no one to give it to.  Hearts are broken and no time left for them to mend.

No one will probably ever read this, but like the name says, it’s just the ramblings of an old man.   I’m going to add–a very lonely old man.

i guess i got it changed

Well i said i wanted to change the name of this blog.  I think i may have figured out how to do it.  looks like its now got the name i wanted, wasn’t that hard to do.  I just might start putting a few more things on it now.

poem i found on-line


                                    Author – unknown


The heart is well known, as a symbol of love,

Some say a gift, from a power above.


The heart is also, a symbol of life,

It powers the body, through sorrow and strife.


The two hearts aren’t equal I must do a compare,

The physical one never cheats,

The one of love is often unfair.


There is a repair for the physical heart,

They stop it, fix it, and make it restart.


The heart of love, is very unfair,

Unrequited love, has no repair.


Without a repair, a life is at stake,

Without love, a heart will break.


The loss of a love, causes great heartbreak,

If the loss is severe, the heart will brake.


When my life is over, to finish from start,

The day that I die, it will be from a broken heart.






My first Post

Well, i got this thing, so i guess i should do something with it.  I wanted to change the name of it, but i guess I ain’t smart enough to do that.  I got on World Press to follow Shawnee Moon’s walking trip, ended up with my own page somehow.  I do have a few things to yak about now and then, so i guess i’ll keep it, and say stuff when i feel like it.   Later